BTD:BTD is a TPS/FPS game similar to a tactical shooter or survival horror where you fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world.
It is a casual, hard-hitting game that emphasizes a realistic and severe game balance with an ease of play that requires no time or effort to prepare.
In a new era without order, brute force is the law and the right to live must be obtained by defeating the enemy in front of you.


Feel free to capture and share images and videos of your gameplay, whether you are an individual or a corporation, and whether it is for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
However, please note that this license does not cover the use of materials unrelated to gameplay, such as extracting audio only.
Additionally, you are welcome to utilize the materials provided in the press kit for articles, video distribution, and more.
Press Kit

Prototype Version (
If you distribute the Prototype version, please do not use the materials from the press kit.